The Artist’s Way, Week 6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance

zoo flower

I actually completed week 6 before the big move, although it really wasn’t a top priority for the week that I did it in. I thought about re-doing it now, but I decided I would rather start afresh with a brand new week. So, here is a very belated check-in!

For the morning pages, when I went back through my journal I found I’d written more often than I thought I had – I actually wrote on 6 out of 7 days (and then things tapered off and I only managed to write 3 times in the weeks of having visitors/moving house/general exhaustion, before re-starting with week 7 now). 

My artist date for the week was another short one – I went to a second hand charity store on the way home from yoga one day, just for fun. I found a novelty tea towel for B (we collect them) and a book for me. I’d packed all my books by that stage, so it was nice to have a new/old book for a bit of light reading while all the drama of moving was going on. 

For the week 6 tasks, I sort of did half of them, but not particularly well, and some of them were only done as side effects of what was already happening in my life. For example, one was to give away a few old pieces of clothing, which I’d done recently in preparation for moving, and one was to make changes in your home environment, and I think moving house covered that! Other tasks included ‘natural abundance’ – like collecting a few pretty rocks or flowers. I didn’t want to be collecting new things while packing everthing up, but I did make a point of stopping and noticing the flowers in my garden, in the middle of the hecticness (which just autocorrected to ‘hectic mess’, which also sounds about right).

Overall, week 6 was my most absent-minded week so far. I really wasn’t focused on the Artist’s Way – ‘real’ life took over. Now that we’re in our new house there are still rooms that need cleaning and boxes to unpack (frustratingly, the previous owners hadn’t cleaned it before they moved out), but I’m trying to pace myself so I don’t have a CFS relapse. While there are a million things to be done, I decided it was time I got back to doing the regular things I do to stay sane/keep recovering from CFS – writing, yoga, meditating, going for walks etc. So far I’m enjoying doing week 7, and I’ll write my check-in on that next week.


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