Parallel Universe

beach - new local
our new local beach

I feel as if I’ve been dropped into a parallel universe at the moment, where everything is largely the same and familiar, and at the same time nothing seems to be quite as it should be.

There’s a simple explanation for this state of affairs – we moved house ten days ago. We bought a new house a mere 2.6km from our last one, so you would think that things would pretty much stay the same. It has, and it hasn’t. For me and my dog, who are at home almost all the time, our surroundings for the majority of the time are suddenly unfamiliar (particularly for my dog I suspect – today when I let him outside to go to the toilet he had trouble finding his way back to his dog door!).

When I leave the house, everything should be the same as it was before we moved, but even then the world feels slightly off kilter. I’m driving to familiar places, along familiar roads, and yet the combination of roads to get anywhere has changed ever so slightly, and everything requires slightly more thought than usual. In many ways it’s a good thing – it’s made me notice things more, and pay attention to my surroundings in a way that I hadn’t been lately.

Overall moving is a good change – I think we made the right choice with this house. It’s amazing being away from a main road – now my days are filled with the sounds of birds and trees rustling and rain falling on the roof, instead of constant traffic drowning everything else out. I’ve also only had one bad headache since the move, which is something of a miracle.

In the short term however, I am completely exhausted (which is why I haven’t put up any new Artist’s Way posts in a little while). The previous owners left the house dirty, with years of accumulated grime on basically every surface. Since we moved in, I’ve been trying to clean and unpack one room a day, and it is exhausting. Prior to the move was also hectic and stressful – between packing, having visitors (which was amazing, but perhaps not ideal timing!) and frustrating delays with settlement, I feel like I haven’t truly relaxed in weeks.

Today I’ve given myself the day off cleaning to catch up with other things (like this blog!). Soon we’ll all start settling in to our new routines, in our new neighbourhood, and eventually everything in the house will be clean and unpacked and it will feel like home. In the meantime, I’m planning to start returning to a more ‘normal’ schedule, and getting back on track with yoga, meditating, journalling, and the Artist’s Way. Expect a new Artist’s Way post in a week or two!



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